Internal Dev Talk - Flutter

Internal Dev Talk - Flutter

Internal Dev Talk - Flutter

In the fast-changing environment of technology, learning and exploring is a never-ending process. At Lean-Forge we love to explore new technologies and scout the best solutions for our customers to deliver great software.

Simon Eckerstorfer shared his know-how and experience using Flutter in several customer projects and gave an internal Dev Talk. He covered the benefits of flutter using Dart as a programming language and the architectural pillars of the framework and how it can adopt to different platforms.

You can find the source-code of the sample flutter app in the public repo right here.

Toyota for example uses Flutter to improve the infotainment system and uses the framework's support for embedded devices to bring performant user interfaces to Toyota cars.

Great insights and ideas

Our Internal Dev Talks provide a great way for all team-members to connect (remotely and in-person) and discuss different frameworks outside of the day-to-day work. A very interesting discussion during the Flutter Dev Talk arouse around the topic why Flutter chose Dart - and not TypeScript.

There are a ton of (very technical) reasons for Flutter choosing Dart:

But beside that Flutter missed the opportunity to catch the huge community of TypeScript-developers when using TypeScript for Flutter instead of Dart.

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Code Samples

Finally Simon presented the great DX (Developer Experience) of Flutter during Development and Debugging with showcasing Stateful Hot Reloading, VS Code Debug Support and many more.

Wrap up

Simon delivered a great Internal Dev Talk and shared some amazing insights on Flutter development with great code-samples and a lot of fun slides. His talk sparked great discussions and a lot of ideas (some serious and some more crazy ones like Flutter using TypeScript πŸ€“) and it was a very interesting and fun way to connect with the team and share his expertise on Flutter.

Looking forward to the next talk πŸŽ‰.

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