The mission was to deliver a simple solution for the problem:
How can I optimize my personal cloud storage - for free?

So simple - so generic. Enter the world of crypto in the browser.
Spoiler: It's complicated!

🧑🏿‍💻 The Journey

We already have native apps for iOS and Android but we wanted to create a seamless experience for the user and lower the hurdles to test our app. And what's easier to access than a slick web app (of course a Progressive Web App).

So - let's enter the world of web apps.

We choose a rather popular stack (mostly inspired by the great - which is currently undergoing a redesign despite of technical issues, but more on this later).

Wait, what? Yes, you read correct: We decided to erase the backend. Because the best code is no code at all, right?

"The best code is no code at all"

Ok so let's take a closer look what (almost) nothing on the backend means.

Of course there is a server that hosts the website (consisting of JavaScript - transpiled from TypeScript, CSS, assets - like images, etc.).
In the case of securebeam it's Firebase Hosting. There are a ton of pros and cons, we decided very pragmatically: We already had some experience on Firebase, so lets use Firebase Hosting because it fits our (very basic) needs to serve JavaScript files and other assets fast.

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Lighthouse Audit of ⚡️

Note: To optimize performance we are currently working on next-gen image formats

Ok, so far we have the following phases:

  • User enters in the browser

  • Browser HTTP(S) GETs JavaScript, CSS and assets

  • Progressive Web App is rendered in the browser

As soon as the PWA is ready in the browser - on the average this happens X ms after surfing to - the App requests presigned URLs to upload the encrypted data chunks to different cloud storage services.

But this is basically all functionality on the backend: Serving JavaScript, CSS and assets and generating presigned URLs.

All other functionality happens right in the PWA - on the client side, to be highly secure and absolutely performant!

Stay tuned how we implemented to frontend or drop us a line if you have any questions or feedback!

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