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Cross-platform app for Windows and macOS that enables a modern, fast and encrypted app for doctors managing their offices.

🏹 The Challenge

Managing your office swiftly and efficiently is hard. Doing that while using a fully encrypted database with realtime sync is even harder. Packaging it all with a modern, robust and efficient UX would just be a dream come true.

Challenge accepted.

🎯 The Solution

Designing an application that will be used by doctors to manage their office is quite a hard task: patients's data has to be reliably encrypted, yet query performance should be next to lightspeed. We analyzed the field of databases intensively and tested a wide range of available solutions.

As an additional constraint, the database had to be usable in a Node.js-environment, as the final product would use the Electron framework to enable a cross-platform, React-powered app that would allow fast iteration and as-is reusability of the client code.

The DB that checked all the boxes was Realm: an encrypted database with very fast queries (especially for complex compound ones) and a realtime sync via a hosted platform, also provided by Realm.

And we're only getting started: as every designer knows, understanding the context your work has to live in is one of the most important aspects during the creation process. It's just a waste of everyone's time, money and effort if your product doesn't fullfill a user's needs 100 %.

We therefore worked in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Armin Witt, a highly skilled and respected gynaecologist who's also teaching at Vienna's MedUni (medical university). It's thanks to this great and very productive teamwork that we were able to build a medical application for managing a doctor's office with a real user's insight from start to finish.

To ensure the UX behaves realibly and serves the user 100 %, the team built upon the guidelines of Material Design, an open source design system that is trusted and used by many applications.

After a development time of about 1.5 years, medoboard 1.0 got released. We've created a solution that enables management of a doctor's office as fast, easy and securely as possible, all while providing a great user expierence.

⚙️ Stack

Electron as the cross-platform framework to use a React-driven client in a Node.js environment. Realm DB as the database with a ground-truth-instance in the cloud and realtime sync.

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